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About Bustin4Autism

About Bustin4AutismBustin4Autism was started to sponsor special needs children to send them to Fun special needs camps. All the while we are in the process of starting a privately funded program called "school" that is made up of extremely supportive caring teachers who genuinely care about the special attention these children need, while supporting them in a fun educational environment. A program where every special needs child is included in every event no matter what. We want to make sure there are more then enough teachers as to not be overwhelmed and to provide the attention our special needs child deserve. Our Goals will take time & money, but with your help & support, we can do this together and together benefit our children by giving them the quality life they deserve.

About Bustin4AutismThis idea was in no way overnight its been in my head for years, everyone of these causes are close to my heart My beautiful daughter is on the autism spectrum, she has been in special programs since she was 2, because it was detected early, every teacher she encountered was instrumental in her life and success and has taught me as well. She recently went to a camp that she absolutely loved. They did a lot of swimming, fishing, horse back riding and rode the zip line. she had a blast! When your child is autistic you cant just hire any babysitter, so this was a perfect social development aid for her. I did not have to worry about her. Sounds great right? Well this camp costs money and in such a terrible economy most can not afford it. I would like to sponsor kids to this camp and donate as much as I can to aid these teachers that are very passionate, understanding and really care about our children! This is what Bustin4Autism is really about!

Our Causes

Crusade For Children
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Alzheimer's Disease
Make A Wish Foundation

Our Upcoming Events

House Of Hardcore Wrestling Event - 2016!

House Of Hardcore Wrestling Event, Satuday, August 6, 2016 7:00 PM, Pasadena, TXSatuday, August 6, 2016 7:00 PM, Pasadena, TX

House of Hardcore comes to Texas! Saturday, August 6, at the Pasadena Convention Center located at 7902 Fairmont Parkway, HOH invades The Lone Star State!! This event will be a fund raiser for Bustin4Autism. We will have much more information on this event in the coming weeks as well as information on how you can donate to this wonderful and worthy cause. Tickets are now on sale for this epic event only at

Icons of Wrestling & Comic Book CollectorFest Event - 2016!

Icons of Wrestling & Comic Book CollectorFest Event, Satuday, August 6, 2016, Pasadena, TXSatuday, August 6, 2016, Pasadena, TX

Ladies and gentlemen The Icons of Wrestling and the Comic Book Collectorfest would like to announce that on Saturday, August 6th we will be running an event live in Pasadena, Texas!!! Whoa Nellie it’s a Texas invasion! Yes Texas fans we heard your demands as our event comes to you from the Pasadena Convention Center at 7902 Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena Texas. This is a special fund raiser for and we will have much more information on this event in the coming weeks as it will be a incredible double header with House of Hardcore! We are living in history and basking in the future of what will most definitely be a ground breaking event! They say everything is bigger in Texas and Collectorfest will not disappoint! It’s time raise money for the most worthy of causes all the while delivering an unforgettable fan experience!

Want to become a sponsor of these events and support our cause?

Bustin4Autism is about fun, and more importantly... all about a safe environment for the children have fun. Sponsorship is tax deductible and will help allow us to continue adding to the amazing collection of Wrestling and Celebrity Guests!

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